What am I doing now?
This is my Now Page, a place with a description of what I'm probably doing at the exact time you're reading this. Do I expect anyone to ever see this? Probably not, but I've wanted to do one for a while, so here we are.
Updated Mar 11th, 2024

Assistant Editing
By the grace of god, I was put up for and landed a position Assistant Editing on a film called "The Threesome." You'll never guess, but it's about...a threesome. I feel extremely fortunate to be working during this wild time, so I really wanna do my best on this.
In other news, the first feature film I worked on as an AE is came out. It's called "Spaceman," and I was on the project for a little over 2 years. It's very odd seeing it out in the world & seeing reactions to it. I loved the experience of working on it, and wouldn't trade the experience of working on it for anything.
In the downtime during work I'm developing a Filemaker Database for AEing, and working through Inside The Edit.

I'm in the midst of a few branded-type pieces that should be finishing up soon. Since I was funemployed for a spell, it gave me the to take on a few projects I may not have under normal circumstances. 
I also just locked on a short called "Receipt" with my buddy and frequent collaborator Matthew Brennan, and am in the midst of another short now tenatively called "The Dream" with some other fine folks.

Everything else
I'm planning my wedding in August, training for a Spartan 21K coming up in April, and am tearing through the Red Rising series by Pierce Brown, which is some of the best anything I've ever read.