I've learned so much from the resources below, so I hope they 
can help some fellow Editors as well!
YouTube Channels
This Guy Edits - Check out Sven's series on the film "Flesh and Blood" where you can watch him make editing decisions in real time. His premium course The Go To Editor is fantastic, and allowed me to land my first feature film.
Cut to The Point - Piotr is a Premiere god. His free presets for Premiere are amazing time savers.
HillerSmith - It's given me a whole new respect for YouTube-style content . This has some of the best crafted breakdowns and roasts of editing I've seen.
The Editing Podcast - I have to sit and watch these like a proper show, they're visually rich and superbly crafted.
Do I even need to mention In The Blink of an Eye?
A Long Time Ago in a Cutting Room Far, Far Away - I definitely want to re-read this one. Keep a highlighter/pen handy as there's so much you're gonna wanna remember
Cut To The Chase  - Awesome book about Sam O'Steen (The Graduate, Chinatown, Rosemary's Baby), written by his wife. 
Selected Takes: Film Editors on Editing - I heard Tom Cross mention this once in an interview. Think of this one as “Art of the Cut” with studio Editors from the 20s-90s
Avid Uncut & Avid Agility - These have helped me fly around the keyboard in Avid. They read like textbooks, but there are so many little tips and tricks I never would have learned otherwise.