What a fantastic question. To answer that, I'll give the option of both a 3rd person and 1st person point of view:

3rd Person Professional:
Birthed in the depths of Long Island, John's love for filmmaking became clear from a young age. He and his friends would find a number of uninventive ways to portray movie-violence done upon one another, and post the videos to YouTube. Gradually he realized his true love lied within the Editing process, and as the years passed his focus become wholly on persuing Editing as a career. 
He's been forunate to work as a Post Production Assistant and Assistant Editor on a number of high profile Films and Shows for Starz, Nat Geo, and Netflix. He recently edited his first feature film "Not For Nothing," after winning the opportunity by showcasing his editing skills in a pool of 50 applicants. 
In his free time John enjoys immersing hismelf in nature, and the culinary arts. He is fond of animals, and the human race as a whole.

1st Person Human:
My name is John, and I'm an Assistant Editor based out of NYC. I love the craft of Editing and am hoping that it can be my full career some day. Some of my favorite films are City of God, Punch Drunk Love, District 9, and that Nicole Kidman ad before every AMC movie.
I love that feeling of solving a problem through creative editing. Whether it be stealing a look for a reaction, or restructuring an entire film, I love being able to collaborate with cool, fun people and make something interesting.
I think hiking is wonderful, and I can make a mean Massaman Curry with Naan. I also have a cat named Tofu, incase that information is useful. If there's anything you'd like to chat about, Editing-related or otherwise, please do reach out!
Thank you!
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